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Eco Spa Las Aguilas
4 Sao  
(15 Phòng)

Km. 6 Carretera Xul-Yaxhachen, Tekax (Bản đồ)

This pleasant spa hotel is located 2 minutes’ drive from the Mayan village of Xul. It offers an outdoor pool and a spa with hot tub, sauna and gym, 30 km from Tekax. The bright and spacious rooms at Eco Spa Las Aguilas feature a balcony and air cond  nhiều hơn...


Tekax, sometimes spelled Tecax (in full, Tekax de Álvaro Obregón), is a small city in the Mexican state of Yucatán, located at 20°12′07″N 89°17′17″W in the southernmost part of the state. Tekax (pronounced [teˈkɑʃ]) means "Place of the Forests" in the Yucatec Maya language. Tekax was briefly declared the capital of Yucatán in 1845. Tekax is also the name of the surrounding municipality of which the city of Tekax serves as municipal seat of government. In the census of 2005 Tekax had a population of 23,524. The municipality of Tekax reported a population of 37,454. It has an area of 3,819.61 km² (1,474.76 sq mi) and is the second-largest municipality in geographical area in the state, after Tizimín. The majority of the population in the municipality have Mayan ancestry.

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